Meet Kimo

Lord Kimo

Kimo is a Multi-Genre Award-Winning Music Producer

Welcome to my EPK Bio website.  I have been asked for years to create an online representation of my work and how I can help Artists, Corporate and more but always been too busy.  I have now finally managed to create my Digital representation and how this helps you to understand who I am and how I can help you.   I’m looking forward to hearing about your project!

I'm looking forward to working with you

About Kimo

Former Asian-Dub Foundation Member, Solo-Artist and Music Producer Kimo creates multi-genre music. Kimo infuses modern and contemporary influences creating music for Artists, Corporations, TV, Film, Gaming, Advertising and more. His unique approach helps his clients to create music that uplifts and inspires. Kimo has been in the music industry since an early age, where he started as a member of the group Asian-Dub Foundation.

Kimo’s career has taken him into the world of Music production, where he has worked for  new and major Recording Artists as well as Companies like Google, PlayStation and the Home Office.  Kimo continues to develop his craft and work with clients from around the world and for a variety of different projects.


Kimo started in the Music business at an early age; trained by English Record Producer, Adrian Sherwood, known for his speciality in the Dub Music genre and  the late Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, a Jamaican Record Producer and Singer noted for his innovative studio techniques and production style.  Both teachers are known for working with Bob Marley among others.

Kimo started in the 90’s English Electronic Music group, ‘Asian Dub Foundation’, where he was part of the group for many years.  From here Kimo created and was part of French Alternative/Indie group, Empire Dust.

Kimo continues to create music as a Solo Artists but his journey then took him into full-time Music Production, where he created and continues to operate his company, Kimo Productions.

Artist Discography

Kimo’s talent as a Producer and Artist started and was nurtured from a young age from his time with Asian Dub Foundation.  Kimo credited songs for ADF such as ‘Fortress Europe’, ‘Round Up’, ‘Rise to the Challenge’, ‘Two-face’, ‘Real Great Britain’ and ‘Power to the Small Massive’.  Kimo’s songs from ADF have appeared on Game, Movies and more.  With ADF Kimo appeared on many albums including; Tank, Community Music, Enemy of the Enemy.  Kimo also appeared a number of singles including Live performances across the World.

When leaving ADF,  Kimo moved into alternative/indie group Empire Dust.  Kimo worked on the French music scene and across Europe for a number of years, appearing on album of the same name, ‘Empire Dust’.  He also included on EP ‘Intelligent People’ and a number of singles.  Frontman, Kimo, appeared Live as supporting and headline act before his departure.

For many years Kimo has now been producing music for new or established artists as well as music in his own right, credited as Lord Kimo.  Working on songs such as ‘Movie Knights’ by Nines, which also won a Gold and Silver Brit Award and achieved Number 1 position in the charts.  Kimo has also worked with Artists across the world such the Jungle Brothers, Public Enemy, The Prodigy, Radiohead, Primal Sscream, Tyga, Kele Le Roc, Bigg Faa, Mr Easy, George Clinton, Meridian Dan, Dub Youth and so many others.

As well as producing music with his own Production company, Kimo also collaborates with others in the industry.  Kimo has worked with many different people such as Multiple Grammy Award Winning Engineer Miki Rooney.

Over the years Kimo has carved out and developed his career as an Award-Winning Music Producer.  Racking up a Silver Brit Award, Multiple Number 1 records in Japan as well as multiple top 10 hits, Number 1in the UK, Top 10 in Zambia and so many other accolades along the way.  Kimo is not new to Music Production but in many ways is only just getting started.  There is so much more in the works and things to come that means Kimo is the one to watch; as a solo artists as well as a Music Producer for Artists, TV and Film and so much more.